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com.github.philip-scott.notes-up - 2.0.2 ⚙ amd64

Type: desktop-application
ID: com.github.philip-scott.notes-up
Package: com.github.philip-scott.notes-up
  C: Notes-Up
  C: Your New Notebook
  C: >-
    <p>The intuitive writing app for everyone, from students to developers!</p>

    <p>With powerful features like:</p>

      <li>Easy-to-use markdown editor.</li>
      <li>Notebooks and tags, quickly find and organize your notes</li>
      <li>Your work is saved automatically as you write, you will never loose your work!</li>
      <li>Plugins: such as embedding YouTube videos and setting text color</li>
      <li>Export as PDF and Markdown files</li>
      <li>Cross-Note Links to quickly reference other notes</li>
      <li>3 Beautiful app themes to help you create the best writing environment,</li>
      <li>And much more!</li>
  C: Felipe Escoto
ProjectLicense: GPL-3.0+
- Office
- WordProcessor
- Office
- WordProcessor
  homepage: https://github.com/Philip-Scott
  bugtracker: https://github.com/Philip-Scott/Notes-up/issues
  help: https://github.com/Philip-Scott/Notes-up/issues
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  - com.github.philip-scott.notes-up
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    url: com/github/philip-scott.notes-up/EBE087C53C3D769868095C0C2E7A0B43/screenshots/image-2_orig.png
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    url: com/github/philip-scott.notes-up/EBE087C53C3D769868095C0C2E7A0B43/screenshots/image-3_orig.png
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- version: 2.0.2
  unix-timestamp: 1557014400
    C: >-
      <p>The Future of Notes-Up, now with fixes!</p>

        <li>Searching now highlights text in the viewer and editor</li>
        <li>Fixed: App theme overwrote the editor theme</li>
        <li>Russian translation added by Tim77. Thank you and all the other translators for your work!</li>
- version: 2.0.0
  unix-timestamp: 1553472000
    C: >-
      <p>The Future of Notes-Up!</p>

        <li>Tags! Tags is the new and hot way to organize your notes! Add them from the new Page Info toolbar!</li>
        <li>When you add a new tag to a note, Notes-Up will add them to the Sidebar to quickly filter all notes using the
        <li>Talking about the Sidebar, it has a fresh new look, and a new All Notes button to show all your notes in the pages
        <li>Your note information now appears in the new Page Info Toolbar. It shows where is it and when it was created and
        <li>You can now edit the title of the note without making it the first line of the file from the Page Info Toolbar!</li>
        <li>Move pages to another notebook with a simple button from the Page Info Toolbar</li>
        <li>You can now link to other pages from within the viewer!</li>
        <li>Write in a paper-like theme as well as a new dark mode.</li>
        <li>Exporting Markdown files is now possible form within Notes-Up!</li>
        <li>And a lot of work went into making Notes-Up better on the inside! This will speed up the development of future
- version: 1.6.3
  unix-timestamp: 1545350400
    C: >-
      <p>Quick Bug Fix</p>

        <li>Fixed problem where the notes folder would not be re-created if it was deleted, preventing the app from opening
- version: 1.6.2
  unix-timestamp: 1543881600
    C: >-
      <p>Juno Papercuts</p>

        <li>Tooltips with shortcuts now use the new style</li>
        <li>Fixed a problem where Notes-Up would forget the sidebar size.</li>
        <li>The styles on the HelpBox have been updated for Juno</li>
        <li>If you delete the empty page created when you make a notebook, it will not re-appear</li>
        <li>And other small bug fixes</li>
- version: 1.6.1
  unix-timestamp: 1537660800
    C: >-
      <p>A Very Juno Update</p>

        <li>Notes-Up is now available in elementary OS Juno!</li>
        <li>Icon updated to use the new elementary color palette</li>
        <li>Trashed pages show up in the pages list grayed out</li>
        <li>Added translations for Italian and Japanese</li>
        <li>Code cleanups and more!</li>
- version: 1.5.0
  unix-timestamp: 1514160000
    C: >-
      <p>The Community Update</p>

        <li>Pages are better summarized when they have markdown symbols</li>
        <li>When applying styles to the text, it will automatically wrap around it properly</li>
        <li>You can now move Notebooks</li>
        <li>Fixed some errors from exporting, and some other bugs</li>
        <li>Notes-Up is now translated to Lithuanian, French, Portuguese and Czech!</li>
        <li>A huge thanks to the translators, and the new contributors! You guys rock!</li>
- version: 1.4.6
  unix-timestamp: 1502841600
    C: >-
      <p>Spell Checking</p>

        <li>Notes-up now checks your spelling while you type! No more excuses for misspelled words in your homework ;)</li>
        <li>The title of the app now displays your current note and notebook</li>
- version: 1.4.3
  unix-timestamp: 1496707200
    C: >-
      <p>Quick fix</p>

        <li>Prevent crash when closing the preferences dialog</li>
        <li>Make sure to load all plugins</li>
    violence-cartoon: none
    violence-fantasy: none
    violence-realistic: none
    violence-bloodshed: none
    violence-sexual: none
    violence-desecration: none
    violence-slavery: none
    violence-worship: none
    drugs-alcohol: none
    drugs-narcotics: none
    drugs-tobacco: none
    sex-nudity: none
    sex-themes: none
    sex-homosexuality: none
    sex-prostitution: none
    sex-adultery: none
    sex-appearance: none
    language-profanity: none
    language-humor: none
    language-discrimination: none
    social-chat: none
    social-info: none
    social-audio: none
    social-location: none
    social-contacts: none
    money-purchasing: none
    money-gambling: none
  x-appcenter-suggested-price: '12'
  x-appcenter-color-primary: '#BEDAFF'
  x-appcenter-color-primary-text: '#274771'